We here at Learn the Beat highly recommend that you schedule an appointment at least once a year for us to maintain your instrument for optimum playability, health, & to help extend the life of your instrument. A properly adjusted, oiled, cleaned, maintained, & protected instrument can last many years longer than an instrument that isn’t properly cared for. Treat your instrument well, & it will have a better chance of increasing in value, & will provide you with enjoyment for many years to come. Ask about our maintenance & protection options next time you’re in our store, or contact us in one of the ways listed above. We can schedule a yearly reminder for each of your instruments to make things easier on you. Just select the package bellow & enter your contact information. We will make sure your instrument is always in top condition, when you’re ready to play it. 

□ Cleaning & Oiling/Greasing (Basic Maintenance) $15         
□ Cleaning & Oiling/Greasing (Restoration) $50 per hour
*Cleaning & Oiling is included in Restringing & Repair Packages*

□ Restring Single Broken String (Cleaning & Oiling Not Included) $15
□ Restringing & Tuning (Basic Strings Included) $25
□ Restringing & Tuning (Custom Strings Included) $45
□ Restringing & Tuning (Bass $70)
*How frequently an instrument needs new strings depends on the quality of strings purchased, treatment of the strings by the musician, environmental factors, the appropriateness of the strings used for the instrument, & how often a musician plays. Adjusting for string breakage, which can happen due to a variety of factors, in general, Basic Strings will need replacing at least every 6 months, when they play out, & Custom Strings at least once a year.*

□ Neck & Other Adjustments $25 ea.
□ Bridge Filing $50 per hr
* Done to lessen string buzz & fretting out.*

□ General Maintenance & Restoration $50 per hour
□ Repairs, Drum Head Replacement, Pad Replacements, Re-Corking, Hot Roding, & Customization $50 per hour plus parts. 

*A deposit for parts is due prior to service being rendered.*
*General Maintenance Includes Polishing, Chip & Scratch Filler, Touch Up Painting, Touch Up Refinishing, Sealing Cracks.*
□ Diagnostic $50 per hour
*Diagnostic fees are waved, if Learn the Beat does the work on your instrument. Please know that, if you are relying on our expertise to find out what is wrong with your equipment, & you decide not to have the work done, or go elsewhere we will still charge you for our time. Our standard Labor rate is $50 min. & $50 per hour there after. LTB will contact you via phone, or email, before ordering additional parts, or conducting additional labor past what you have authorized.*